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Almost everyone would love brighter, whiter, stain free teeth and at Springfield Dental we work to provide our patients with convenient, affordable whitening treatments that deliver results they will love!

There are a lot of cheap, quick fix home whitening kits being sold online and in stores but these are often completely ineffective and although they claim to be safe, some have been proven to cause stomach problems, toothache, sensitivity, mouth infections, gum-shrinkage and even nerve damage.

The only way to get the results you are hoping for is to have them professionally whitened by a trained, qualified dental expert.

Do I Need Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures and is used to help remove staining and discolouration that can develop over time and transform their teeth for a brighter, whiter smile.

If your teeth are discoloured then it could be due to a number of factors including your genetics, oral hygiene, lifestyle and age.

Whether you need your teeth whitened or not is subjective and a matter of opinion but the only opinion that matters is yours. If you are self-conscious about the colour of your teeth, then professional whitening could be the perfect solution.

What Whitening Treatment Do You Offer?

Our teeth whitening treatment is a form of bleaching that uses a carbamide peroxide gel and is extremely effective at whitening, improving discolouration and reducing staining.

Treatment is carried out using custom fit mouth trays that hold the gel in place whilst being worn by the patient.

The carbamide gel is an effective way to lighten the teeth’s internal pigments and help improve their overall colouring and appearance but without causing any damage to the tooth’s structure.

The trays are comfortable and can be worn in an approved 1-hour session or overnight at home. Results usually take around 10-14 applications and the trays are reusable to apply when required.

The whitening will only have an effect on your natural teeth and will not whiten crowns, veneers or composite restorations.

The length of time that results last will vary depending on the individual patient and their lifestyle but they can last as long as 3 years if properly maintained.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

Dental treatments can vary in price depending on the amount of and type of treatment you require. Our whitening treatments start from just £350 but exact costings will be provided at your consultation.

Benefits of Our Professional Whitening Treatment

There are several different types of whitening treatments but we use carbamide gel for our patients as it is effective, affordable and produces great results. Here are some of the other benefits of the treatment;


Our whitening treatment is extremely convenient for patients, with most of the process being carried out in the comfort of your own home. Some whitening treatments can only be carried out at a dental Practice which can be inconvenient for those who are limited on time and have a busy schedule to work around.


Our professional whitening treatment is very competitively priced and much more affordable than some other options such as laser whitening.

Bespoke Treatment

Our trays are custom made to you and will fit your mouth perfectly, ensuring a comfortable process and even gel coverage on the teeth.

Professionally Monitored

Our treatment provides all of the benefits of convenient, at home whitening but with the vital expertise and guidance of our expert dentists to help monitor the progress and help you achieve your desired results.


Our whitening gel is easy to apply and noncorrosive which means it can be used without the risk of harm to the gums or tooth enamel making it ideal for regular use to help remove both intrinsic and extrinsic staining.

We advise against having teeth whitening whilst pregnant or breast feeding.

I’m Ready to Smile Bright

If you would like to know more about our teeth whitening treatment or book a consultation with one of our expert clinicians then please contact us to speak to one of our helpful advisors.

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