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About Springfield Dental

We are very proud to offer an exceptionally high standard of care, our research based approach to dentistry promotes the use of prevention above intervention but when absolutely necessary we always practice minimally invasive techniques. This conventional approach is founded upon soundly researched theory and highly trained clinicians who have their patients best interest at heart.

We are always at the forefront of dental innovations in materials, techniques and technology. We have been sustainably investing in the practice since 2013 and have increased capacity with one extra surgery, increased staffing and brought in the newest intra-oral 3D scanning technology. We are now able to offer more services including orthodontic treatment, dental implants for tooth replacement and through our group have access to sedation services and more rigorous out-of-hours care, including emergency treatment on Saturday and Sunday.

We have further plans for Springfield Dental Practice and we hope to see more positive changes and innovations in the coming years. We expect Chelmsford to continue to expand and we plan to continue to try and meet this need for the growing number of patients without reducing our high standard of care. We hope that from first entering our practice you will be greeted by a friendly and approachable member of staff and that we can calmly guide you through even the most complex of dental treatments.

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