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This is provided at our sister practice Sharrow Dental. Who will load the image securely on to a CD and share with your clinic for just £75.

The Sirona Orthophos SL 3D DPT and CBCT scanning unit our dentists are able to utilise the well-defined imagery to provide a better, more accurate treatment plan for their patients. The 3D CT scan of the jaw provides images that are comparable to medical CTs which can be invaluable when it comes to complex dental issues and planning for procedures and treatments.

We are accepting referrals from other practices for image requests for the following indications:

– Implant treatment planning

– Dental trauma

– Dental anomalies

– Orthodontic treatment planning

– Mandibular third molars and impactions


What Can the Scans Be Useful For?

This type of comprehensive scanning equipment can help dentists to assess and diagnose orthodontic problems and determine a suitable treatment path based on the accurate images provided.

Some of the issues that the scans can be used for include;

  • Orthodontic troubles
  • Surgical planning for impacted teeth
  • Diagnosing TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder)
  • Precise placement of dental implants
  • Evaluate the jaw, nerve canals, sinuses and nasal cavity
  • Determine exact bone structure and orientation of teeth
  • Help locate the origin of pain or pathology
  • Cephalometric analysis

Imaging Suite

Sharrow Dental has advanced in-house imaging equipment designed to provide dentists with comprehensive, precise, hi-resolution images of the jaws, mouth and teeth with unique technology that delivers sharpness and detail at high speed. It also provides full, 3D volume flexibility with adjustable fields of view and secure patient positioning to deliver the perfect image.

The Sirona Orthophos SL 3D DPT and CBCT devices provides our dentists with;

– Superior Quality Images

– Safe and proven patient positioning

– Flexible volume

– 3D according to your needs

– Reliable sharp images

– A more thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation

– Accurate diagnosis and treatment planning

– Easier to explain and illustrate diagnosis to patients

Our patients benefit from this technology in a number of ways including;

– Extremely low dose radiation

– A pleasant atmosphere with coloured ambient lighting

– Provides your dentist with valuable information about your oral and craniofacial health

– Is completely painless, non-invasive and accurate.

– No radiation remains in a patient’s body after the scan

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